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    Revenue Divisions

    The Viluppuram district is divided in to four Revenue Divisions as detailed below:

    1. Viluppuram
    2. Tindivanam
    3. Tirukoilur
    4. Kallakurichi

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    The Viluppuram district is divided in to Thirteen taluks for administrative purpose as detailed below:


    vpm_tlks.jpg (31486 bytes)

    Talukwise Map/Villages


    Name of the Taluk No. of Villages Map
    1. Viluppuram 123(1794KB)pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (199KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    2. Vanur 81(1791KB)  pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (171KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    3. Tindivanam 169(1802KB)pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (240KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    4. Gingee 166(1799KB)pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (259KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    5. Tirukoilur 120(1795KB)pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (275KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    6. Ulundurpet 175(1802KB)pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (260KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    7. Kallakurichi 93(1791KB)  pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (210KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    8. Sankarapuram 151(1801KB)pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (246KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    9. Chinnasalem 89(1792KB)  pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (250KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    10. Vikravandi 116(1796KB)pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (198KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    11. Marakkanm 60(1786KB)  pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (191KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    12. Kandachipuram 62(1788KB)  pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (185KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)
    13. Melmalaiyanur 80(1787KB)  pdf.jpg (889 bytes) (177KB) pdf.jpg (889 bytes)

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    Welfare Schemes
    Details of Welfare Scheme Details of Grant/Relief Assistance by the Department Eligibility for the Grant/Relief Name of Competent Authority
    1 2 3 4
    1. Chief Minister's Relief Fund for life Saving Surgery for Heart, Kidney & Cancer. Maximum Quantum of Assistance is Rs.25,000/- In addition to this Central Government is also granting maximum financial assistance of Rs.20,000/- to the same Patients. Persons living below the proverty line having annual income of Rs.12,000/- District Collector, Viluppuram
    2. Freedom Fighters Pension State Government & Central Government Rs.3000/- each Granted to those having imprisonment Certificate (or) Certificate from Co-prisoner (Freedom Fighter) and above 70 years of age  
    3. Indegent Artisters Pension The Quantum of pension is Rs.500/- Eminent Artistes and their dependents who are in indigent cirucmstances  
    4.Ulema pension The Quantum of pension is Rs.400/- For Moulavi, pesh-Imam & Mottinar who are in indegent circumstances.  
    5. Tamil Languate Struggle Fighters Pension The Quantum of Pension is Rs.3000/- For those who have got imprisonment for Development of languages  
    6. Financial Assistance to Eminent Sanskrit Pandits   For Eminent Sanskrit Pandits  
    7. Relief amount from Chief Minister Public relief fund for the persons/cattles, died due to Natural Calamities Rs.15,000/- for the legal heirs of deceased due to fire, flood, cyclone, thunder & lightening.  Rs.5000/- for cow, buffalow.  Rs.3000/- for a calf.  Rs.1000/- for a Sheep/Goat Irrespective of Income Tahsildars concerned.
    8. Old Age pension 1. Rs. 1000/- by money order.2. Free Dhoti & saree for Pongal & Deepavali Festivals 1. Age should be above 65

    2. Poor people whose income is below poverty line

    Special Tahsildars (DRS) of concerned taluk.
    9. Widow Pension 1. Rs. 1000/- per month

    2. Free saree for pongal and depavali festivals

    1. People whose income is below proverty line.

    2. above 40 years

    Special Tahsildars (DRS) of concerned taluk.
    10. Physically handicapped persons' pension 1. Rs.1000/- per month.

    2. Free dhoties & saree for Pongal and Deepavali festivals.

    1. People whose income is below poverty line.

    2. above 45 years

    Special Tahsildars (DRS) of concerned taluk.
    11. Destituted Agricultural labourers pension 1. Rs.1000/- per month.

    2. Free dhoties & saree for Pongal & Deepavali festivals.

    1. People whose income is below povertyline.

    2. above 60 years.

    Special Tahsildars (DRS) of concerned taluk.
    12. Destituted widow pension 1. Rs.1000/- per month

    2. Free saree for Pongal & Deepavali festivals

    1. People whose income is below provertyline.

    2. above 45 years of age

    Special Tahsildars (DRS) of concerned taluk.
    13. Sidha pension Rs.500/- per month 60 years of age Heridatory Sidha Medical Practitioner Sub Collector/Revenue Divisional Officer.
    14.Distress Relief Scheme Rs.7500/- 1. For above 58 to 64 Central aid allotment Special Tahsildars (DRS)
    15. Accident Relief Scheme Rs.15,000/- To the legal heirs of deceased labourers of various categories Post Martem Certificate, of FIR copy to be produced  
    16. Hut Insurance Rs.1000/- L.I.C. L.I.C
    17. Motor Accident Relief Scheme 1. Rs.3000/- for loss of life.

    2. Rs.1500/- for permanent disability.

    3. Rs.1000/- for loss of one eye/one limp

    4. Rs.100/- for minor injuries

    Irrespective of income Revenue Divisional Officer concerned.
    18. Hut damages due to Fire & flood For full damaged huts Rs.1000/- for partly damaged huts Rs.500/- No income limit Tahsildars concerned

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    The Viluppuram District is divided in to 22 Blocks for administrative purpose and it has 1104 Panchyat villages.

    Name of the Block
    Number  of 
         Name of the Block
    Number of Panchayat
    1. Chinnaselam 50  12. Gingee 60
    2. Kallakurichi 46  13. Kalrayan Hills 15
    3. Kanai 51  14. Kandamangalam 45
    4. Kolianur 48  15. Mailam 47
    5. Marakkanam 56  16. Melmalaiyanur 55
    6. Mugaiyur 63  17. Olakkur 52
    7. Rishivandhiyam 53  18. Sankarapuram 44
    8. Thiagadurgam 40  19. Tirukoilur 52
    9. Thirunavalur 44  20. Thiruvennainallur 49
    10.Ulundurpet 53  21. Vallam 66
    11.Vanur 65  22. Vikravandi 50


    Town Panchayat

    The Viluppuram district has 15 Town Panchayat in its teritory as detailed below:

    1. Ananthapuram 9. Marakkanam
    2. Gingee 10. Thiyagadurgam
    3. Manalurpet 11. Vadakkandal
    4. Thiruvennainallaur 12. Chinnaselam
    5. Ulundurpettai 13. Kottakuppam
    6. Vikaravandi 14. Sankarapuram
    7. Arakandanallur 15. Tirukoilur
    8. Valavanur



    This district has three Municipalities which is described below:

    Number of Municipalities 3
    1. Villupuram
    2. Tindivanam
    3. Kallakurichi

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