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District Aadi-Dravidar Welfare Department

Welfare Schemes

Details of Welfare



Details of Grant Reliefassistance by the Department.


Eligibility for the grant/relief


Name of the Competent authority


1.  House site pattas.   Tamilnadu Acqisition of Harijan Welfare Scheme Act. 31/1978 Free house site pattas to Houseless Adi Dravidars,Scheduled Tribes. Houseless poor whose annual income is below Rs. 12,000/- District Adi-Dravidar Welfare Officer,Villupuram. Special Tahsildar(ADW) (conserned)
2.  Sewing Machine Sewing Machine to the Adi Dravidars Men/Women who have completed training under tailoring for self Employment. 1.  Passed VIII std.

2.  Annual Income of the applicant not to exceed Rs. 6400 per annum.

3.  Completion of Tailoring training from the institution recognised by the Government.

3.  Iron Box Iron Box to Dhobies for Self Employment 1.  Annual income should not exceed Rs. 6400.

2.  SC/STs of below povery line



4.  Plough Bulls To increase their family income by plouging the Agricultural lands 1.  person must posses one acre of dry land or half an acre of wet land.

2.  Annual income should not exceed Rs. 12000/-

3.  He must be an Adi-Dravidar/Scheduled Tribe/converted.  Christian from Adidravida.

4.  Community Certificate.

5.  Loan Scholarship Rs. 6500, for graduation,per annum.

Rs.7000, for post graduation per annum.

1.  He must be hosteller.

2.  No income limit

Principle of the College
6.  Adhoc Merit Scholarship Amount Rs.300/- per annum to Adi Dravidar/converted Christian from Adi-Dravidar. 1.   Applicant through then concerned head master

2.  Community certificate.

3.  Mark statement of X Std.

Application to the Distrcit Adi-Dravidar Welfare officer, through concerned Head Master.
7.   Educational Scholarship 1.  To the Children of the uncleaned labourers.

2.  Students of Day Scholars. From 1st to 5th Std. Rs.25 p.m. from 6th to 8th Std. Rs.40 pm. from 9th to 10th Std. Rs. 50 p.m. for 10 months.

II.  Students residing in the Hostels. From 3 to 8th std. Rs. 200 p.m. for 10 month.  From 9th,10th Std. Rs.250/- p.m. for 10 months. In addition extra amount or Rs. 500./ per annum, granted to both of them refered to above.

2.  Educational Scholarship sanctioned by the Central Govt.

i. Day scholars studying 11th std, and above Rs.90 to 190 P.M. is sanctioned according to their course of study.

ii.  boarding charges Rs. 150 to 425 p.m. to the hostellers. according to their course of study.

In addition to that, fees,special fees etc., (Not refundable) to be paid to the colleges are also sanctioned.

3.  State Govt. Special Scholarships, Students of SC-ST and converted christian from A.D. Who are not  eligible to receive Govt. of India Scholarships.

1. Day scholarship Rs. 65 to 150 p.m.

2. Hostellers Rs. 115 to 280 towards boarding charges. In addition fees to the paid to Colleges which are  not refundable are granted.

1.  No income limit.

2.  No bar on caste, religion and etc.,

3.  Children of the

i. Cleaners of dry latrines

ii. Street cleaners.

iii. Leather Tanners




1.  SC/ST student

2.  Only to male students.

3.  Only two male students of a family.

4.  Annual income should not exceed Rs.44,500



District Adi Dravidar Welfare Officer,Villupuram.
8.  Free Education for Graduation. Special Fees and Exam fees to the students who are not in receipt of scholarships under State Government/Central Government. 1.  Annual Income should not exceed Rs. 15000/-

2.  A first graduate in the family.

District Adi-Dravidar Welfare Officer.
9.  Free Education for Engineer Graduation.



Basic Amenities.

Special Fees, Exam fees and etc, to the students, for engineering graduation.


Like Burial Ground, pathway to burial ground and link roads.

1.  Annual Income should not exceed Rs.  5000/-

2.  A first Graduate in the family.


Houseless poor whose annual income is below Rs. 12000/-




D.A.D.W.O., Viluppuram, and S.T.(ADW) concerned.

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